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NOW ON SALE!!! 3 PACK ProSpec Rouleur Sock
Squadra Stripes white/red/blue
3 pack bundle*

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_designed + engineered for comfort, style, speed and endurance

_SpeedSilk and MicroMesh knit foot for comfort, compression and sweat management

_SpeedRib cuff stays up for light compression + comfort

_StealthToe seam enhances fit + comfort


_our AEROtomic fit is aerodynamic, comfortable and stylish

_our higher SpeedRib double welt cuff measures 16cm/6.25" for true ProSpec style


_our SpeedSilk, MicroMesh and SpeedRib premium and proprietary polyester, nylon + spandex knit blend enhances comfort, sweat management and durability

*purchase a 3 pack and save!  includes one pair of each Squadra Stripe colorway in White, Flamme Rouge Red and Midnight Blue