Cyclists pedal underneath the "Flamme Rouge" flag, signalling 1 kilometer left in the Tour de France. Image in black-and-white, except for the red flag.


Concept /kan,sept/: a plan or intention

La Flamme Rouge: aka The Red Kite indicating 1 kilometer to go

In 1906, organizers of the Tour de France, introduced La Flamme Rouge which flew above the race course with exactly 1 kilometer to go before the finish line. Often the most action-packed and suspenseful part of a bicycle race, the Red Kite ignites sprinters and break-away artists to dig deep and charge that final kilometer of an often grueling race... it's where you're sure to witness heartache + elation, crashes + celebrations, successful escapes and a devastating last second capture!

It is that last kilometer that inspires our intent, our brand name and our logo... it's our commitment to bring you the best product we possibly can... we will never settle, we will never sit up... we will always sweat the design, craftsmanship and details that make all the difference!

[photo: Le grupetto sous la Flamme Rouge Le Tour de France 22 July 2011 CC BY-SA 2.]